Friday, 29 October 2004

Canterbury NPC Champs

I wanted to mention this back when it happened last week, but keep finding myself without that spare moment. Such as it is anyone who cares about the result should already know, but I'll post it anyway.

Canterbury didn't have too much trouble with Wellington to win the first division NPC championship. The game ended at 40 to 27. Despite the spread this game was a lot more entertaining than the semi game the week before.

Now it's time to gear up for the end of year All Blacks tour.

Atom Feed

I've changed the option to enable the Atom Feed for this site.

If you read a lot of blogs, I've found using a program like FeedDemon makes life a whole lot easier. The only downside is that you don't get the style of the blog.

Anyway, now you've got a choice.

Friday is Photo Day

Well, it's Friday and I've decided to post another photo. I'm thinking about making this a regular thing. That way I should be getting out of the house a bit to take the photos.

This photo was taken in Mount Vernon Park on Sunday. It was taken on the longer walking track that meets up with Rapaki Track.

As it's currently Spring you'll notice two things about this photo; the hills are green and the mountains are snow white. If you don't know what mountains I'm talking about then you need to view the image at its full size. (Hint: if you don't need to scroll to see it all, then it's not full size)

The buildings you see in the photo are in the Western part of the "Four Ave's." (city centre) The green stuff beyond that is Hagley Park / Botanic Gardens.

Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Port Hills Clouds

While on my way home this morning I noticed that the Port Hills were in mighty form. In an effort to bring that glory to this blog I hunted down the camera, hunted down a good photo spot and took the photo. Unfortunately, during that time the full glory of the hills had dissipated. While I'm not completely happy with the semi-glory, I'm still bringing the photo to this blog. Enjoy...

Port Hills on the morning of 2004-10-21

NPC Semi-Final

Though it's a bit late, thought I would mention that I went to the NPC rugby semi on the weekend. Canterbury didn't have any challenge from Bay of Plenty winning 44-12. The two tries from BoP were scored in the first and last minutes of the second half, the rest of the match was all Canterbury. The second half was also very wet, but we managed to find some shelter after getting semi-soaked.

I doubt Wellington will be as easy to walk over. Saturday will tell.

Monday, 18 October 2004

MSN Messenger Theme for Guifications v0.04

Guifications has been bumped up a version, so there's a new version of the MSN Messenger Theme.

Guifications has gone back to using ft2, so it's reintroduced a font size bug. This release of the theme changes the font size back to the visually correct (tho, technically incorrect) size.

If you're using something other than Windows you'll probably need to change the font size to some other incorrect value.

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

MSN Messenger Theme for Guifications v0.03

I updated the MSN theme for guifications last night/this morning.

Added in the two new events and changed the font size to respect Guifications 2.3.

I'm not overly happy with the changes in the latest Guifications. I'm trying to convince grim that the throttle should be optional and the removal of the offsets wasn't a good idea. He's not showing any sign of giving in, tho. *sigh*

Monday, 4 October 2004

The Passing of the Storm

So, school holidays are over, I've moved into my house and I've appeased the tax office.

Week one of the school holidays was a success. We managed to get golf in four of the five days. On that one day we went to the movies instead. Most of the courses we a little apprehensive at having the kids on the course, but all allowed it to go forward. Eleven of the eighteen kids were Korean with nine of them having a decent understanding of English, so no major hassles there. Though only two of the kids played golf regularly everyone managed to come out of the week still enjoying golf.

The second week I was running the Innov-8 programme. First half of the day was spent on computer lessons and the second half random activities. The random activities consisted of indoor rock climbing, Laser Strike x 2, movies, and orienteering at Victoria Park. I just got word today that positive feedback has come in from the training centre about the computer related activities.

As for the house. Well, everything is here, it's just a matter of finding it. Can't find my phone charger, which is a bit of a problem...

Hopefully things will be sorted quickly...