Friday, 26 November 2004

Friday is Photo Day

Just the photo today. This was taken a few weeks back after the trip to the beach that took us into Lyttelton. That's Erin standing in the shot and a hidden Kirsten causing the waves.

Friday, 19 November 2004

Friday is Photo Day

Here's this weeks photo. This is overlooking Christchurch from Cracroft Hill, which is situated in front of the Sign of the Takahe. This photograph was inspired after a conversation with a friend about the lack of highrises in the first photo. This proves that we do have them, even if it is fewer than a dozen and none higher than fifteen floors.

Cracroft Hill overlooking Christchurch 2004-10-22

This image started off as a 9.6 megapixel beast. I've cropped it down to a more reasonable 5.6 megapixel. Standard comment about scrolling applies.

Some movie/Peter Jackson trivia for you, the Sign of the Takahe was featured in the movie that was mentioned in the third photo and the adjacent Victoria Park played itself in the movie Heavenly Creatures.

NASA World Wind

I've been playing around with World Wind a lot recently. Playing in the sense of using it to explore the world.

So I've been looking at my old neighborhoods, my new ones, places I've been, places I don't want to go, etc. In my quest to find the beach village of Praia do Ervino I did a little Google which brought back the name of the town near there, São Francisco do Sul. I had never seen this written and had never questioned it before but discovered today it's "San Francisco of the South" in English. Very cool.
lat: -26.2355
lon: -48.6461
if you're playing along at home.

One of the many oddities I've discovered in the Nevada desert can be found at:
lat: 37.6494
lon: -115.8086
This had me puzzled all day, but it turns out it's alfalfa. Alfalfa?! The circles are substantially larger than the largest of the aeroplane hangers of Area 51 just to the South of those coordinates. There are twenty-one circles in that one spot alone, with copious amounts spread all over the desert and even Barstow makes claim to many.

Ah, the things your don't notice until your fifty thousand metres above the earths surface...

That Day Already

It seems this blog lives for Friday. I guess it's a good thing that I've committed myself to Photo Day, else I suspect there would huge gaps between updates.

I was considering going into a spiel about how Mozilla is so much better than its child Firefox, but I decided not to confuse the matter of simply moving away from that other browser. However, for the record, there are really only two things I see that Firefox has over Mozilla, but there's a lot the other way around.

It's almost 05:00:00. I think I'll have one more post before the photo...

Friday, 12 November 2004

Friday is Photo Day

We're heading into summer, and over the weekend I got called out for a day at the beach with a couple friends. We spent the day in Sumner and then headed over to Lyttelton as the traffic back into the city was silly slow. This photo was taken from the first lookout on the way into Lyttelton. (where the three yellow roads meet)

Looking out over the water, you can see a bay with some boats. That is Purau Bay. I was over there this week with work. We had 60 kids over two days doing kayaking, climbing and team initiatives. Two full days in the sun has darkened my skin a fair whack.

Firefox 1.0

As reported elsewhere, Firefox 1.0 has been released unto the world.

Simply put, Firefox is a web browser like Internet Explorer. Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to Firefox. And some info on how to switch to Firefox.

If the ten reasons that make your life easier and more productive aren't enough then how about an eleventh related to your privacy and security. Or rather eleven more reasons. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team a sub department of the United States Department of Homeland Security currently has eleven vulnerability notes that say you should switch from Internet Explorer do to "significant vulnerabilities in technologies relating to" the way IE works.

I got thrown this link last night and started sifting through the gallery. It's really touching to see the expressions and comments from the people that have submitted photos. It's good to see that my dismay isn't solitary.

Since yesterday the site has gone from displaying the full images to displaying thumbnails. To make life easier you should try the "linked images" bookmarklet and/or tabbed browsing.

Updated: Looks like they've switched back to full sized images.

Thursday, 11 November 2004

Show Day

Well, apparently, it's a public holiday today here in Canterbury. It's Show Day. I say apparently because every day is a public holiday for me. Even when I'm working it's like a holiday.

I hadn't thought of the consequences of it being Show Day until this morning. I flagged going to the Hog last night because of a mild headache. However, given the rare nature of the three day weekend, I should have gone.

Saturday, 6 November 2004

Friday is Photo Day

Today's photo is of Lyttelton Harbour. It's a quick trip through, or over, the hill from the first photo. You may have seen Lyttelton before as the town "Fairweather" in the movie The Frighteners.

2004-10-24 Lyttleton Harbour

With each of the three photos so far the size of the images has doubled and this one works out to about 6 megapixel. So, if you don't have to scroll then you're missing the details.

Four More Years

As you should all be aware, the US public had a vote the other day and decided that I won't be making any visits within the next four years without serious coercion.

So those of you who keep asking me "when" can save your breath until 2008. Though I do encourage you to take the trip down to a saner part of the world at your leisure.

Guy Fawkes Day

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day, a day of fireworks among commonwealth countries. I made the traditional trip down to New Brighton to have a bbq with some mates and watch the fireworks.

I decided to delay "Photo Day" and took my camera down to the beach in anticipation of some decent photos. Unfortunately, the view of the hills at dusk didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. So the delay was for naught and I'll be throwing up a photo from a few weeks ago.