Monday, 28 March 2005


One of New Zealand's secret talents has just gotten less secret.

The latest episode of South Park is titled "Wing" and stars the New Zealand singing sensation Wing.

Wing has been going for a few years here in NZ and in 2003 made it on the radio in both the UK and the US. Last year she made it on Australian TV show Rove Live! singing several songs. That's some pretty good coverage for someone who's main stage is rest home halls.

However, 2005 sees Wing getting an entire episode dedicated to her on a highly rated US TV show. Sites are buzzing.

Saturday, 26 March 2005

New Zealand Commercials

I was browsing the Tui website looking to see if they had their TV commercials online. They didn't, but they did have a link to Found one Tui ad there and found some other NZ commercials as well. Here's some top picks, all but the last one are humorous. Updated 7pm

There are quite a few other ads for companies in NZ but because I don't watch too much TV I'm uncertain as to whether they are NZ or AU commercials. Anyway, have fun browsing through the archive.

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Playboy Mansion West

I've been visiting the WorldWind Central website since its first days of existence and have submitted a handful of locations, including theme parks, stadiums, military bases, etc. None of these locations have come even close to getting onto the Top 10 list.

In a quest to get on the Top 10 I was inspired by some late night tv which was a doco on Hugh Hefner. So I hunted down the address of the Playboy Mansion, used Geocoder to get the rough location of the Playboy Mansion then submitted the Playboy Mansion to the site.

In the few days that it was on the front page the Playboy Mansion has generated 959 views, the next closest on the frontpage has 198 views. Oh the draw of looking at a building that contains loads of fit women.

I've got a problem now, tho. The Playboy Mansion is no longer new enough to be on the front page and I'm still 254 views away from getting 10th place. This is not good!

So, I leave it to you, the readers of this blog, to view the Playboy Mansion whenever you can so that I, nay we, can achieve the goal of getting on the Top 10 list.

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Lost Minithon

Last Saturday I got together with some friends and watched the tv show Lost. I'm keeping up with the US and so have watched the 17 episodes that have aired so far. Those who watch broadcast tv here in NZ saw the 6th episode tonight. Most of those who attended on Saturday have watched the first 8.

Episode 7 deals with Charlie and his band Driveshaft, and since most people I know have either recently seen 7, or will next week, I thought I'd throw in some 'goodies' for you hobbit lovers out there.

Here's the official unofficial Driveshaft website and the "You All Everybody" video.