Sunday, 26 March 2006


Well, more than arrival. I've been in the UK for over two weeks now. But a bit about getting here...

Met a bit of a queue at Christchurch airport. A group of friends missed the beginning of the first session of UCanDance, which wouldn't be that big of a deal if they weren't the ones running it. Cheers guys! I told them to "piss off" while I was still in the queue. Once I got my ticket the plane was already boarding. A quick goodbye to the family and I was away.

LA was good. Got to catch up with some friends, eat some American food, etc. Had an early night since I was sleeping in the OC.

The 405 was kind and we got to the airport before the check-in counter had opened. This meant that, due to some "organizational" skills I was the first person to be assigned a ticket, which happened to be the first seat when you board the plane. So while everyone else was boarding I was offered a drink and chatted away with my row mates in an out-of-the-way part of the plane. This also allowed us to be the first people off the plane, which meant a quick pass through the passport check. After the collection of my bags and the "customs, what customs?" stroll out the exit I was reunited with VPM. This quick reunion was actually a surprise since the plane landed an hour early.

So I've been living in Wimbledon for the last two weeks. VPM and I have found our own place to live. Well, us and her sister and possibly her sisters boyfriend. We should be living there from the 3rd.

The building is in a new estate called The Hamptons. The building is called Albany Hall, which was part of phase one and not mentioned on the above site. Since the estate is brand new (nobody has lived in our unit yet) Google Maps shows it as bare land, but trust that it does exist.

Oh, I forgot to mention US security on my way out of the country...

Well, huge queue for the x-ray machines of clairvoyance. When I got to the machine I put my two bags and jacket in, emptied my pockets and took off my belt. I attempted to go through, but was asked to show my shoes and then told "it's probably better if you put them through the machine." Ok, my non-metallic, no shoelace, neutral blue, new looking shoes are obviously hip with the terrorists. So, I'm standing on the other side waiting for my stuff to come through, barefoot and holding my pants up. They take their time and even call someone else over to look at the screen, but they decide not to open the bags and clear them as terrorist item free. They decided NOT to open them!?! WTF people! I had 2 containers of liquid, 2 boxes of powder, 6 foot of wires, electronic bits n pieces, a container with a paste type substance, an air pump, several sealable plastic bags and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now, I'm positive that if MacGyver ever joined the Axis of Evil for the purpose of spreading terror he could make one mighty fine WMD (Weird MacGyver Device) with all of that stuff.

Well, that'll do for now.

Monday, 6 March 2006

Photo of the Week

This was taken, maybe, on the 17th hole.

I was going to post this the day after my last post, but have been very busy with work and now preparing for my move that it's taken this long to grab the few minutes to post it.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

UK Bound

So after canceling Japan, some of you asked what the next plan was. And some of you asked why I didn't mention the next plan when you knew what it was. Well, it's all about the suspense and surprise, and getting you to ask me in person.

So I applied for my UK visa. I applied for UK Ancestry, which gives me 4 years of working and living in the UK.

I then set about crafting a plan to surprise VPM with my arrival. So after receiving the visa I continued to tell her that it hadn't arrived yet. I booked a flight, made arrangements for some private accommodation, and devised ways of just appearing next to her in London. There was just one stitch to my plan; the only other person I had contact with in the family over there wasn't coming online anymore. Several days passed and I began trying to pass messages through VPM without her knowing what was going on. I finally got another contact and stated my plans.

It turns out there's a big family birthday on the night I am to arrive. The timing couldn't have been worse. So instead of altering the flights etc, I decided to let her know what was going on, so that we could come up with a plan together that actually worked.

So, with all the secretness I wasn't able to post my intentions in here, for fear of someone spilling the beans. Now that it's out...

I'm leaving New Zealand on March 9, I'm meeting up with mates in LA for my 27 hours of America (yes, I know it's not 2008 yet), and then land in London on the 11th.