Friday, 19 May 2006

New Zealand Street Maps

Google has updated their Google Maps to include New Zealand streets now. It also includes property lines, designates major road from auxiliary, etc. It's looking a lot better than any other the other systems out there.

It does not, however, yet do street or address searches. For that I'll still be using

I suppose I should also note that in addition to being able to view streets for places like Christchurch you can also check out one of my favorite towns in Australia. (note: it's one of my favorites because of this place)

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Happy Birthday

Ever since my departure from the shores of New Zealand I have been without my birthday reminding calendar. As such, there have been a few people that haven't received a birthday wish from me. So I'm going to do a bulk Happy Birthday now.

Happy birthday to: AH, AH, CW, AK, CT, AW, RN, LM, JC, LH, SM, CC, JB, SB, RM and EM.

With a bit of luck I won't forget to email MK and ET before the weekend and KL, SM and RL next week.

P.S. I would be using Google Calendar for my birthday ics needs, but they feel that events that happen once a year for many years aren't worth displaying. Hopefully they'll fix that bug soon.

Wednesday, 3 May 2006


In a comment to a previous post Bex asked when I'd be posting more photos. I informed her that I'd taken some, lost some and would be taking some again that weekend.

Well, we went down to Devon (or more specifically Paignton) as planned, however the battery on the camera went flat and I was unable to take any photos. We still haven't gotten a replacement battery yet, so you'll have to wait a bit longer.


Working Life

Since my last update I've gotten a job.

I'm now working as a senior developer for a firm in Soho. The company is based around the entertainment industry, and I oversee some projects for a couple major motion picture studios. There are, however, also some quite contrasting clients dealing with rugby, fried chicken and chocolate. (not all at the same time)

Those that know I used to work in Sydney may not know that I basically worked in Kings Cross for the first year and a bit. Those in the know will have now joined Soho and Kings Cross by their matching trait. They are both red light destricts.

I do pass one strip club on my way to get food each day, but that's nothing compared to the half-dozen or more that I passed four times a day while in Kings Cross. There also aren't any men or strippers outside trying to force you to go in, so it's just another store front.