Friday, 6 October 2006

Server Down

The server that I was using to host the data for this site (photos, css, etc) was called Humpty, or at least it should have been, as I've been told it's fallen over and can't be put back together again.

I've managed to get the site layout back, and two photos. The rest I'll have to get off a computer in New Zealand and I'll need to remake a couple of the more recent ones. Don't expect this to happen any time soon. I knew about the crash a few days ago and only bothered to fix the style this morning.

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

* Licker

* Licker

Licker is the polite name for a strictly ruled variation of Presidents.

A game of Licker consists of multiple deals of the cards. Each deal is finished when only one player is left with cards. The object of each deal is to get rid of your cards as soon as possible.


At least 2 players. Optimum of 4-6 players with a single deck of cards.

The first deck of cards should be a pack of GPM Low Vision Cards, although any pack with 3 jokers will do. If using more than one pack, any standard cards will do for the additional packs.


All the cards are dealt out to the players face down. Players can then look at their own cards. For the first hand, the player with the 3 of clubs starts. If playing with more than one deck of cards, the player with the GPM low vision 3 of clubs starts.

The starting card does not have to be the 3 of clubs. The starting player can play any single card, any pair, or any triple. Four of a kind (or 5,6, etc) can never be played. Going clockwise around the players each player has the opportunity to play or pass. If playing, the player must match the number of cards exactly (single, pair or triple) and play cards that are higher than the value already played. If play returns to the last person who placed a card (which means all the other players passed), then the cards are cleared and that player places a new starting card (single, pair or triple).

Play continues until only one person is left with cards.

And the end of the hand the player that emptied their hand first is declared the King, second the Queen, second to last is the Hole and last is the Licker. Everyone else is a peasant.

The Licker then shuffles and deals the cards for the next round. Once the cards are dealt, the Licker must give the King the highest 2 cards in his or her hand. The Hole gives his or her best card to the Queen. The royals can look at these cards and then return the same number of cards back to the Hole and Licker. These can be any cards of the royals choice.

The King then starts the hand by placing any card (single, pair or triple).

The rest of the deal is played the same as the first.

If anyone joins the game after the first hand they are automatically the licker, with everyone else moving up in rank.

Order of the cards

Lowest to highest: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A,2

The Joker

The Joker is the most powerful card in the game. A single Joker can beat any card, be it a single, pair or triple.


When triples are played and then cleared the object is no longer to play a card higher than the last. Cards must now be played that are lower then the previously played card. This reversal will continue until another triple has been played and cleared, or the deal has finished. A single Joker can still beat anything.


Every player has the chance to play or pass, even if they have passed on their previous turn.


This is a relatively limited ruled variation of Presidents which makes it quick to pick up, however with the triples rule it allows for the Licker to change rank easily which is not the case in other variations.

I no longer live in a dirt patch!

Google has just updated their view of Earth in Google Maps/Earth for London. As part of this update The Hamptons is now shown as more than a dirt patch.

In the new view of where I live you can see amongst the buildings the Maple Lodge (clock tower), the water fountain and the marsh pond. As part of the larger grounds you can see the amphitheatre, tennis courts, the viewing circle and path, as well as the larger ponds.

Check out my last panorama for a ground view of the scene.