Saturday, 20 January 2007

Soul Calibur II

Well, Weapon Master mode is done. Have 415,200 Exp, all 16 areas are blue and everything is purchased. I think that's me done for the night.

Friday, 19 January 2007


I'm playing Soul Calibur II. Towards the end of Weapon Master mode. (351200 Exp)

Firefox 2.0

On 24 October version 2.0 of Firefox was released. If you're not using it to read this post then go away and don't come back until you've installed it.

World Record Pub Crawl

Back in October I went on a small pub crawl.

Now, I'm going for quantity of posts, so I'll keep this very short. This was the best day that I've had in London since I've been here.

Photos of the event are found from Tim The Tourman's Photos & Blogs and if you squint you'll see that I'm in the photo linking to that event. And some photos with me in them: 1, 2, 3 and a large super group photo 4 (you'll find me on the right side of the stairs holding a blue balloon).