Tuesday, 17 August 2004

More Snow

They're expecting more snow in Chch tomorrow. There's still limited amounts of snow on the ground from the last downing 2 days ago. That's not such a big deal for mountain people, but here in Christchurch we're a sea level.

Thought pops into head.... I want to see the snow falling into the ocean. That's got to be rare sight. Considering the ocean is in view from the park at the end of my street it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

I didn't end up taking any photos of the last batch of snow, which is rather unfortunate. I went out at about 11pm on Sunday and the city was looking quite beautiful. I guess the snow reminds me of my youth, spending time in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Mammoth.

Now my snow activities are pretty much limited to Hanmer visits. Though for the next two weeks I'll be running ski trips up to Porter Heights. Should prove to be interesting considering I haven't been skiing in more than a decade.

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