Saturday, 6 November 2004

Four More Years

As you should all be aware, the US public had a vote the other day and decided that I won't be making any visits within the next four years without serious coercion.

So those of you who keep asking me "when" can save your breath until 2008. Though I do encourage you to take the trip down to a saner part of the world at your leisure.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Down Under!

    Here is one of them redneck cowboys quick on the draw that put George W in the White House for four more years. VIVA LA REVOLUCION! Get used to it! It is a shame that you want to postpone your visit to 2008. There is a serious chance that Hillary will be voted in although I trust my fellow Americans to put a stop to that rather quick. But you never know. Think about it! Hillary. Do you really want to visit then? Remember what happened when she was in the White House the first time around!