Friday, 19 November 2004

NASA World Wind

I've been playing around with World Wind a lot recently. Playing in the sense of using it to explore the world.

So I've been looking at my old neighborhoods, my new ones, places I've been, places I don't want to go, etc. In my quest to find the beach village of Praia do Ervino I did a little Google which brought back the name of the town near there, São Francisco do Sul. I had never seen this written and had never questioned it before but discovered today it's "San Francisco of the South" in English. Very cool.
lat: -26.2355
lon: -48.6461
if you're playing along at home.

One of the many oddities I've discovered in the Nevada desert can be found at:
lat: 37.6494
lon: -115.8086
This had me puzzled all day, but it turns out it's alfalfa. Alfalfa?! The circles are substantially larger than the largest of the aeroplane hangers of Area 51 just to the South of those coordinates. There are twenty-one circles in that one spot alone, with copious amounts spread all over the desert and even Barstow makes claim to many.

Ah, the things your don't notice until your fifty thousand metres above the earths surface...

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