Friday, 10 December 2004

Friday is Photo Day

Now, normally you'd have a single, new, extra large photo waiting for you. Today is a little different. Today you get a retort to BeckChi's comment. So here are three photos taken from the end of 2002 in the Australian Outback.

Olgas from a distance Uluru Olgas with sprial lens flare

I'm quite fond of these photos, especially the middle one. So, what could have motivated Beck's comment? Could it have been the subject matter and accompanied stories, lah? How about the quality of the camera, which made most of the photos look vintage 1970's? Or could it have actually been those 3 photos taken in Adelaide proper during the nighttime self-guided over-the-phone tour of the city? (which actually are some pretty horrendous photos)

Decide for yourself.

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