Friday, 28 January 2005

Playing Along at Home

Apparently not everyone is happy with the canning, as demonstrated by the following email.

you suck! no more photo day. i look forward to the pretty pictures. i like pretty pictures. i dont care for your excuses either. it takes too long. my system is too slow. i dont have the right equipment. blah blah blah. i say good day to you sir. good day!

So I've decided to let you all play along at home. Here are some photos that were going to be used but got rejected. Two issues with the photos, incorrect spacing of the images and the two young lads walking at the same pace I was taking photos.

The linked images are 12.5% of their original size, but you can still get an idea for it. If you have any success with them, let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah ditto on that comment! I like photo day too. You're so anal. Who cares if there's a person walking thru all the frames and the stitching is abit off. It's about the 'bigger picture' (oh woeful pun).