Saturday, 8 January 2005


Sunbird is a calendar application built by the Mozilla people. I tried it out today and quite like it. I've been using Outlook for my calendar needs and because of the "experimental stage" of Sunbird, have stayed away from it.

Today I found a reason to try it out. Sunbird is compatible with iCal from Apple and therefore can use iCal's remote calendars. If you follow that link you'll see that you can share calendars for a bunch of different things. Public holidays, sporting event schedules, etc. Sounded pretty cool, so I gave it a go. I added a few in, and then got an idea.

I've been writing my own web based contact manager. Not for any great reason except that I hate Hotmail's. During the process I wrote a page that displays when people are having their birthday, how old they are, etc. Well, it wasn't a big stretch from there to setting up my own remote calendar that contained all my contacts birthday information.

A quick browse of rfc 2445 (or "Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification" for those of you who don't like numbers) and a tweak here and there and I had my very own .ics.

I did say I was being more productive.

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