Saturday, 22 January 2005

Why the canning?

Simple answer: I'm frustrated.

Longer answer: I'm really frustrated.

Verbose answer:

I'm lacking three things, hardware, software and time.

I really need a tripod in order to make the photos stitch better. I've been able to get away with hand holding for the most part, but I've had to reject a bunch of photos because of parallax errors.

Two things that would make life easier would be a telephoto lens and a higher resolution camera. No, these don't prevent me from making the images, but there'd be less work involved for the desired result with these. Actually, make that three. Owning a camera would also help.

Software is also an issue. The program that I've used for these is PTAssember. Another program that I've played around with is PTGui. I wish these guys would work together. PTGui's Panorama Editor is an excellent feature, however it's colour correction is useless. And since I've never made a successful multirow image with PTAssembler, there's no winner. (correction 2005-01-24) I have made multirow images with PTAssembler, but it's much easier with PTGui.

I even went to the extent of trying to hand polish the images. I wanted to get a photo of a rainbow, it took 11 shots and ended up being 16 megapixel uncropped. So, I've got an 11 layer image with 60+ megs of RAM being used per layer. My computer was not happy with me.

And lastly comes time. There are a lot of things that I could do to try and rectify the above, but they all take time. I started photo day as a fun way to get myself to use the blog instead of just thinking about using it. (OT: I never get around to posting most of the stuff that I think about posting.) However, it's more of a chore now.

If I have to give up slashdot then I can give up photo day.

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