Monday, 31 January 2005

A Festival of FREE Outdoor Entertainment

From my experience youth are never happy with the range of activities available to them. I've heard it here in Christchurch, in the mid-west of the US and even in Los Angeles. "There's nothing to do" is a common proclamation.

Well, aside from the usual activities happening in Christchurch, there's a range of special events that feature especially in Summer. There's the Buskers Festival and there's also the SummerTimes Festival. For the last 22 years the Christchurch City Council has been running the Festival and it's safe to say that it's an iconic part of Summer here in Christchurch.

Before I hop on the plane to Japan I will be going to these events. Not all of them, of course, as some days there are four things happening at once, but certainly the key events will be attended.

These events are one of the major draws of Christchurch for me. These events foster romance, family and friendship. They encourage physical activity, relaxation, artistic expression, cultural diversity and a range of other experiences.

Even if I stopped attending I would see the discontinuation of the SummerTimes festival as a major loss to the Christchurch community. Thank you Christchurch City Council for continuing the tradition.

One last thing: Since I'm still buzzing about the whole remote calendar thing I've whipped up the SummerTimes schedule as an ics Calendar.

Please note that geocities doesn't allow .ics so I've named it .ics.txt. This functions in Sunbird, but I'm not sure about iCal. Also, with Sunbird you can't just click on the link above, you must File->"Subscribe to a new Calendar" and paste the link into that dialog. If you find any errors in the .ics, please let me know.

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