Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Rock Paper Scissors

rps027 is the latest promotion from Telecom.
Are you the one? There'll be only one. One 027 user who makes the TV final, then survives for the final confrontation against The Machine. This is rps027 - the world's first mass TXT Rock Paper Scissors Knock-out. See how fame and fortune could be yours - free!

Though the whole rps thru txt has been done before, it's never been at this scale, or free.

They're drowning the tv ad spaces with this thing, so I thought I would check it out. I txt 'demo' to 2005 and got a nasty response. I'm not a fan of txt talk, especially when giving instructions.

U wnt 2 regista 4 Rock Paper Scissors? Giz yr usr nme. Mst B less thn 12 characters. It's free 2 play & u cn win big!

Why not take the 5 extra chars from characters and make Giz yr usr nme. legible? And with predictive text who actually sends messages like this? Actually, I know a lot of silly people that do and they say it's quicker; until they're proven wrong. Maybe it was the 37,117 text messages I sent in a month that gives me the speed advantage.

I'm going to register for the game (on the readable web site) and see how I go. I'll keep you all posted.

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  1. TEXT GEEK!!!!!!
    * I also hate receiving messages that are overly abbreviated. My 12 year old brother can't believe I use full words for texting 'like it's so uncool and so much slower'.