Monday, 21 November 2005

Photo of the Week

Here is the second stage of sunset. This was take at 7:23pm, 27 minutes after the last photo.

The first stage was taken in the rocky outcrop on the right side of the waters edge. VPM and I had walked there along the water, then walked up to the bottom of the crag. When we left we walked the rest of the way up the rock.

Once at the top we were greeted by a heard of cattle. It was no big deal to walk around them, but then they started following us. VMP got a little freaked and asked if they were bulls. Having only given them a quick look over I had determined they were cows, and we continued to walk around them. And they still followed. Then we both noticed that one cow was a bit different from the rest. VPM got a little more freaked, but the bull was too busy keeping the cows from us to show us any attention.

We snuck our way around going back down to the beach and then followed the path up to the road. It's from that dirt road that this photo was taken. You can see the cattle on the top of the rocky bit.


  1. Nice! Hurry up with the 3rd one!

  2. Looks like it would have been very romantic, if not for the cows!