Friday, 16 December 2005

Photo of the Week

This photo was also taken in Lyttelton Harbour, but looking in the other direction. The great expanse of the Pacific Ocean is seen beyond the heads.

This was taken from a moving ferry and the results aren't as good as I had hoped. There is a bit of ghosting where the heads meet the water.


  1. tsss, beginner!

    use panoramatools and enblend

    well, for the water that's very tricky of course :(


  2. Hey Marcel!

    You need to read back a bit further. I stopped using those tools back in January, 2005.

    The general consensus was that people didn't care about the mistakes in the photo as long as there were photos.

    With AutoStitch my effort for stitching the images is about 30 seconds, and I'm happy with that trade-off.