Wednesday, 1 March 2006

UK Bound

So after canceling Japan, some of you asked what the next plan was. And some of you asked why I didn't mention the next plan when you knew what it was. Well, it's all about the suspense and surprise, and getting you to ask me in person.

So I applied for my UK visa. I applied for UK Ancestry, which gives me 4 years of working and living in the UK.

I then set about crafting a plan to surprise VPM with my arrival. So after receiving the visa I continued to tell her that it hadn't arrived yet. I booked a flight, made arrangements for some private accommodation, and devised ways of just appearing next to her in London. There was just one stitch to my plan; the only other person I had contact with in the family over there wasn't coming online anymore. Several days passed and I began trying to pass messages through VPM without her knowing what was going on. I finally got another contact and stated my plans.

It turns out there's a big family birthday on the night I am to arrive. The timing couldn't have been worse. So instead of altering the flights etc, I decided to let her know what was going on, so that we could come up with a plan together that actually worked.

So, with all the secretness I wasn't able to post my intentions in here, for fear of someone spilling the beans. Now that it's out...

I'm leaving New Zealand on March 9, I'm meeting up with mates in LA for my 27 hours of America (yes, I know it's not 2008 yet), and then land in London on the 11th.


  1. we will miss snake

    ARGH snake!!

  2. LOL on you having to be on american soil with bush still as president!! hehehe i hope everything with well with the big move... talk to you soon!!

  3. haha... Ness, when I got notified of your comment there was an ad for a Bush countdown clock. Sometimes I think Google's relevancy checks are just too good!