Tuesday, 11 April 2006

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

Last Saturday I visited Wimbledon. No, not Wimbledon, but the All England Club. You know, home of the The Championships, Wimbledon. Tennis, old chap.

I watched VPM and father play for a while and after I got a tour. Had a look at all the spiffing trophies, then said hello to Roger Taylor. It was then time to see the view from the Royal Box in Centre Court. I must say that the Queen has a mighty fine view of the matches. From there it was out to the members balcony that overlooks Court 3 and the other minor lawns. From there it was through the grounds to Henman Hill with a stunning view of London. Well, London at a distance, but still impressive. Then it was on through Court 1, which is noticeably newer than Centre Court. It was then that I learned the family outside bench where I had breakfast was actually from the old Court 1. From there it was back indoors to have a look at the male change rooms. Very impressive room, but I guess that's to be expected with membership being as exclusive as it is. And thus ended the tour.

With a bit of luck I'll sort out some "tennis whites" and not "row for 6 kilometers followed by watching Scrubs at an awkward angle which then caused my neck to hate me for two days" and I might get to play next time.


  1. Geek boy. Where are the photos? I have yet to see any pixelated evidence of your presence in England!

  2. I took some photos with VPM's camera. However, when clearing some space for more photos she deleted several photos from the middle of the pamorama.

    She has since redeemed herself for the mistake and sends you all a "oops, sorry."

    We'll be returning to that part of England again this weekend so hopefully the weather will play nice and I'll get the shots again.

    I haven't forgotten about the photo posts!

  3. ...You ROWED for 6 kilometres?? Hmmmm, impressive! :-D

  4. I try and row twice a week. I'm going to the gym before work, and have decided on treadmill Mon, Wed, Fri and rowing Tue and Thur.

    It's a bit over 6 km now, since I race against my previous row, and I don't like to lose. My average 500m is below 1:50 now, but I'm trying to win by as little margin as possible.

  5. good for you, rowing is fun.

    you should change your location on your profile, seeing as you are at a new mystery address and everything ;)