Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Working Life

Since my last update I've gotten a job.

I'm now working as a senior developer for a firm in Soho. The company is based around the entertainment industry, and I oversee some projects for a couple major motion picture studios. There are, however, also some quite contrasting clients dealing with rugby, fried chicken and chocolate. (not all at the same time)

Those that know I used to work in Sydney may not know that I basically worked in Kings Cross for the first year and a bit. Those in the know will have now joined Soho and Kings Cross by their matching trait. They are both red light destricts.

I do pass one strip club on my way to get food each day, but that's nothing compared to the half-dozen or more that I passed four times a day while in Kings Cross. There also aren't any men or strippers outside trying to force you to go in, so it's just another store front.

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