Wednesday, 28 June 2006


And here's a post that I have been meaning to post for over a month. I even wrote that long ago, but just haven't had the time to post.

Some post-season 2 thoughts about Lost.
  • The Dharma Initiative may or may not know what the Island is about.
  • The employees of the DI on the Island do not know what the Island is about.
  • "The Incident" on the Island never happened. It's just a cover story to account for the odd things on the Island that the DI employees may see.
  • The employees are sent to the island to accomplish tasks. However, these tasks aren't what they employees think they are. The DI doesn't want the employees knowing what they are doing. So in the "Pearl" employees think their task is to watch the other employees, but their real task may involve the computer that Locke says doesn't do anything.
  • The Others are not part of DI.
  • The Others think they are good and that the DI is bad.
  • They dress in costumes to prevent the DI from knowing that there are a group of organized people on the island trying to thwart the DI's plans. The DI may just think they're random people who have been sucked in.
  • The Island and surrounding area are a bubble in space. Its location is unknown, but it has entrances in several places. The entrances are possibly the Vile Vortices. One near Fiji where Russo and Flight 815 entered. Another in Africa when Mr Eko's drug plane entered. Another in the North Pole where the polar bears enter. And everyone's favorite, the Bermuda Triangle, for where the Black Rock entered.
  • The "quarantine" door that falls from the sky at the end is from a "hatch" protecting another entrance to the Island.
Things that still need explaining.
  • Why are illnesses cured on the island? Will this simply come down to magnet therapy?
  • Why are everyone's back stories so intertwined? Simply a case of six degrees of separation?
  • What about the "whispers"? If a lot of people are accidentally sucked into the island, then there would be a lot of deaths there. The magnetism may prevent spirits from escaping, therefore it's quite a haunted place?

Two things to keep in mind. I haven't been participating in the Lost Experience. I don't have enough time to post here, let alone play this game. And, yes, I still enjoy the show, despite it's poor ratings indicating other don't.

I spoke with MB last night who gave me a quick update on the Lost Experience and it seems like some of my thoughts could hold true. We shall see.

One other thing, I'm using DHARMA Initiative above where I should probably be using Hanso Foundation, but I don't have time to think about the ramifications of the change right now, so it stands as is.

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