Friday, 16 June 2006

Photo Day

Well, it's finally time for Photo Day again.

This is where I lived when I first arrived in the UK. Interesting things in this photo: a parking spot for a DB9 Volante, a parking spot for a Hummer H2 and the home of VPM's parents.

Sorry that the interesting cars aren't in the shot, but I guess the owners had taken them out in an effort to make use of the blue sky. One other interesting fact, when taking the photo my back was to the home of a Love Actually star.


  1. Wow -- I attended college very near there in 1979. I think some of that area used to be Southlands College. Now it is a gated community? What fun!

    Just found The Jenny Lind pub is still there (at least on the map). We spent a lot of time there as students.

  2. Dona, I never saw any evidence of Southlands College while I was there, but yeah, it's now a gated community.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.