Sunday, 23 July 2006

Free phone calls

Something that I haven't mentioned, but have had for a while now is free phone calls to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and most of the EU.

Unfortunately, the bill doesn't include how much money has been saved, so I can't try and beat my previous $315.38 savings. However, the bill does say how much time was spent on the phone. This month was 7:39:29, at a cost of £1.09. That's about 10 minutes longer than the previous savings, but that was all done in a single weekend.

So now is a good time for me to catch up with all of you that are slack with the email. Drop me an message reminding me of your landline phone number (unless you're in the US, then mobile is ok) and we'll try and bump the next bill up by a few hours.

For those that want to know, this is the TalkTalk Talk3 plan. It's about £22 a month and covers phone and broadband Internet.

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  1. 3790364, although it's pretty hard to find me at home...

    I got you a birthday present in the weekend! Let me know your address!