Monday, 17 July 2006

New use for

I've been using The Internet Movie Database since forever as a source for looking up information about movies. However I've had another itch that I thought imdb might be able to scratch but I've only just got around to finding out for sure. And it does. Nicely.

There are exactly 1,000,000,0013 movies that come out every year. Of which I'll watch about 13. Any other movies that I watch will have come out in the years gone past. Problem is keeping track of the possible gems from the billion other movies that are released each year.

Once you register with imdb they let you add any movie to a "MyMovies" collection. In this collection you can have multiple "Categories" in which to group the movies. You can also change which information is shown in each category including your rating, imdb's rating, show times, availability on DVD, VHS, etc; and can also filter the category by genre.

The default categories are set up for people who wish to catalogue their DVD collection. Since I don't have a DVD collection I immediately deleted these. I then setup three new categories; "Willing to see," "Keen to see" and "Very keen to see." I then changed the view for each so that it only showed imdb's rating for the movies and sorted by that rating. So now if I'm choosing a movie for myself I'll click on "Very keen to see" and the top movie will be the best rated one by the general public, followed by all the other movies I want to see.

There's also a special category called "Vote history" which shows all the movies that you've rated. I've got this showing my rating and imdb's rating, ordered by mine. This lets me know how my taste compares to the masses (not similar at all) and maybe some day will be tied into a "suggest a film" feature so I can find more films that appeal to me.

Final note: yes, "willing to see" is mostly filled with chic flicks for when VPM gets to choose.

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