Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Imperfect Google

Item one is Google Images. It's Google's site for searching for images on the web. It has a feature called "SafeSearch" which has three settings; "strict", "moderate" and "off" with "moderate" being the default.

Since I've been doing some work on a beauty website, and I needed a dummy product image for some testing, I did a search on Google Images for "face cream." As my settings are "moderate" I was quite surprised at the first image that is returned. However, both "strict" and "none" return "safe" images on the first page.

Next we have Google Calendar.

First gripe, why did they decide to break forcing me to go to instead? If works then so should calendar.

Next, in a previous post about my birthday calendar I mentioned that it didn't work at all with Google Calendar. Well, it's still broken. However, the changes they made a few days ago mean it's less broken. The birthday events still don't show in the main calendar, however the mini calendar on the left bolds dates in which birthdays occur and the agenda tab shows the items, so slightly usable.

The last item for Google Calendar is the Google Homepage Google Calendar gadget. It has been the case that this gadget works if you're at but not at Yesterday I discovered that the gadget was working. However, after just going to confirm it now, it is not working at either address. I contacted the developer a few weeks back, but haven't heard anything back.

On a positive Google note, and as follow-up to the New Zealand Street Maps posts, Google has updated Google Maps to include address lookup for New Zealand. (eg a place to do some indoor rock climbing) The images are better then Live Local's version, but Google Maps still doesn't have driving directions.

That's enough for this time.

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