Sunday, 17 December 2006

Ice hockey

During my browse of YouTube I noticed that the NHL has partnered up to create NHL Tube.

It's been a very large number of years since I've watched the NHL. After the 1993/94 season I moved from Los Angeles to Christchurch and I was no longer able to watch games. I think that season was the last time that I've actually watched a full game on tv. (Although I saw a few games in person on return trips to the US.)

A friend recently asked me what my favorite sport is, and who is my favorite team. I responded with ice hockey and the 92/93 LA Kings.

I was going to write why I like them so much, but I've wasted too much time reminiscing. So here's a list...

Yes, Bob Miller. He's the reason I don't like watching other teams as much. (besides the fact that I had been watching the Kings for a few years and had become familiar with them.)

Although I suppose I shouldn't really call it my favorite spectator sport because I would prefer to watch Canterbury and the All Blacks over the current Kings.


  1. What's happened to your blog? ...Any updates...? How is everything going these days?! Just wondering... ;-D


  2. I also have at least one fond memory of an LA Kings game from the 93/94 season... good times! (The company was more memorable than the game itself ;-)