Monday, 17 November 2008

Walking in London - Jubilee Walkway

I often see the silver discs in the road reading "Silver Jubilee Walkway 1977" with a crown and dome image on it. Eventually I decided that the path couldn't really be everywhere in London, so I wanted to know where it actually went.

I had a look at the official Jubilee Walkway website, but the maps don't have much detail so I decided to make my own map of the Jubilee Walkway with Google Maps.

It turns out the Jubilee Walkway goes pretty much everywhere I go. It's at my front door and a hundred odd metres from my work. I could even use it as a slightly longer but more scenic route home late one night when there aren't hoards of people on that path.

My Jubilee Walkway map was drawn out using the instructions in from the official site and from my knowledge of the area when the instructions didn't make sense or conflicted with their own map. So there may be some discrepancies with the silver discs, but it's as accurate as the official site, if not more so.

There are two areas that I know need to be tidied up. East of London Bridge, specifically entry and exit points for Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. And the paths in Barbican Estate, which I love but have only been to twice so don't know the paths by name yet.

If you do plan on walking the path, you can actually break it down into several walks using the alternate routes (which I've labelled bypasses) to shorten the walk. There are itineraries for five different loop walks on the official site.

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