Thursday, 14 May 2009

Katie and Peter win Euro Millions and celebrate in Jordan with Rihanna

Katie Price and Peter André won the EuroMillions and celebrated in Jordan with Rihanna and the cast of the new Star Trek movie.

BBC Radio 1 has reported that Katie and Peter plan to purchase the entire F1 franchise and convert it into a reality show which will be broadcast on youtube with dvd sales available on ebay. The couple's Facebook site has been flooded with words of support from their fans, but an equal number of complaints demanding that they stop playing games.

Yahoo news and Google news are already featuring the Daily Telegraph reports that Katie and Peter will not be getting a divorce and that they are quite content now they have all the money they think they deserve.

If you came to this page hoping to get real information about Katie and Peter then I'm sorry to say you have come to the wrong place.

The above text is an experiment in search engine ranking. Google have made available an iGoogle gadget that lets you see what people are searching for. The above text incorporates all of the search terms in the 'Top Searches' and 'Rising Searches' for the UK.

This blog gets page 1 results for some search terms, so I wanted to see if I could achieve it with fictional information about real subjects.

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